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Automatic & Semi Autobalers

Autobaler is the main system integrator for the Anis Trend balers in the UK.

The balers we supply have the versatility to process many different material types; paper, cardboard, polythene films, PET bottles and aluminium cans, having up to 20 pre-programmable material settings. The ability to change from one grade to another at the touch of a button is ideal for waste merchants and MRF's. The ability to handle material volumes from 1 tonne to in excess of 30 tonnes per hour, the Anis Trend range of balers have the capability to suit most applications.

Click here to view Autobaler Selection Guide for a summary and applications of our balers.   or    Material Baling > examples


Mobile Automatic Channel Baler

The ATS Mobile Baler is a specifically adapted version of our standard balers it comes with all the features you’d expect but in a shortened package suitable for transportation by Hooklift lorry.


Semi-Automatic Channel Baler

Channel (Open End) Semi-Auto Baler Designed for processing lower volumes of recyclables, bales are tied by hand, but these balers have the option to install an automatic tie system later as material volumes increase.


Vertical Baler Mill Size

'Mill Size' Vertical baler


Semi-Automatic Closed End Baler

Closed End, (Vertical Door) Semi-Auto baler Designed for processing lower volumes of recyclables and were heavy bales weights are required to reduce transport costs Plastics:- Films, Rigid, Bottles, Sheet. Fibres:- Cardboard, Paper. Fabrics:-



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