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We would always recommend some form of material handling; the material feed method is one of the most important items when it comes to an efficient baling operation. Ideally the baler would control the conveyor to provide a constant regular stream of material. Using this method, it reduces the possibility of hopper blockages and also has a significant impact on the quality of the bales produced.

TGV is a chain driven conveyor belt, intended for transporting a consistent flow of material to the baling press,

e.g. paper, cardboard packaging material, plastics, and co-mingled waste. The horizontal loading area of the conveyor belt is built into a pit in-floor, or placed on-floor. The size and version of conveyor belts are adapted to the customer's needs.



Sortation Conveyors

Bulk Loading hopper, varible speed sort / picking conveyor



EasiKIT:- Modular Conveyors for material handling applications.



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