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Feed Conveyor + Sorting Cabin + Bunkers
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Anis Trend:- Picking System & Autobaler

Co-mingled waste Sorting and Picking system, Multiple storage bunkers with automtic and manual discharge onto the Autobaler feed conveyor. 


 Sortation Picking Station 1

SORTATION- Picking systems HQ 

Anis Trend:- MRF Picking System & Autobaler Bunker Storage:- Separation Conveyors:-
- 5 material Picking station Picked materials are stored in individual bunkers underneath the picking station. Baler feed conveyors design to provide a material
buffer and even out bulky materials prior to processing
in an Anis ATS 110.110 Autobaler.
- Pass through for glass and aggregates
- Air Conditioned Picking Rooms (if req)    
- Steel Clad and insulated   Complete Control over the Operation

Each bunker is monitored and once full; the bunker
is discharged onto the in-floor chain conveyor and transported to the Autobaler.

With the user-preset material programs, this enables
the ATS presses to bale different materials; time and
time again. When required the material setting can be changed by selecting the ‘name’ of the material to be baled next. The PLC controls remember the settings to make a perfect bale first time. This feature is very
useful, for waste merchants with multiply materials. 

Pre-treatment (options) 
-          Bag openers  
-          Course Shredding The bunker discharge control can either be manual
or automatically controlled.
-          Eddy Current Separators
-          Over Band Magnet separators  
-          Air Classification Systems are configured to suit each project. 




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