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Baler Features

  1. Robust Construction with Long Service Life
    Simple and robust construction enables flawless operation, easy installation, maintenance, and long service life. By design it enables cost effective transport and simple installation of the machine in confined areas. The interior of the pressing chamber is made of wear-resistant steel plates (Hardox). The design theosophy used through is to keep it simple as possible.
  2. Low Energy Consumption
    The control system monitors the volume of material being processed automatically selecting power required and operational mode of the hydraulic unit to ensure minimal energy consumption. Also by utilising internal hydraulic pumps provide silent and smooth operation. The standard hydraulic power units are based around single or tandem pumps 15kw; 22kw, 30kw, and 45kw are installed as single unit.
  3. Standard Constituent Parts
    The main parts of the machines, such as hydraulic units, part of auto-tier, Pre-press and main platen and software are the same for all models. This enables standardized production, short delivery times, quality, and spare parts in stock.In addition we use only use propriety components from manufactures such as Siemens PLC’s and Dennison and Parker Hydraulics.
  4. Complete Control over the Operation
    With the user-preset material programs, this enables the ATS presses to bale different materials; time and time again. When required the material setting can be changed by selecting the ‘name’ of the material to be baled next.

    The PLC controls remember the settings to make a perfect baler first time. This feature is very useful, for waste merchants with multiply materials. The baler displays information on a Siemens 314+ touch screen control panel this shows the current operation of the baler as well as the status and fault alarms and conditions.
  5. Unique Pre-compress System
    ATS Baling Presses have a unique, fast operating pre-compressing system (3-5 seconds), which enables better feeding and the operation of the press conveyors without cyclical stops, as the hopper can always be full.
  6. Quick and Simple Auto-tier
    The auto-tier is a very simple and reliable mechanism in our machines it can be easily cleaned and maintained. The Auto-tire can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  7. Innovative Bale Chamber Construction
    The bale chamber (channel) is made in a unique way with 4 sided squeeze pressure on a large surface of a bales. The design of the channel is an important factor in ensuring good quality solid bales. The way of fixing the channel to the machine ensures complete integrity, simple assembly, and exchangeability. The channel pressure (tension) can be set for each type of material independently, and is controlled by a proportional valve; this is select by the material pre-set program.

Optional Equipment


Vertical Tie

Vertical tiers are recommended where space is limited,


Sortation Conveyors

Bulk Loading hopper, varible speed sort / picking conveyor


ProSafe Safety Interlocks

At Autobaler, we would always recommend installation of Trapped Key Interlocks which provides an addtional level of safety and control. By using Trapped Key interlocks a safe method of operation must be followed to operate and maintain the baler.


Pre-Press Flaps

Unique Pre-press flaps, are designed to assist baling difficult or lightweight materials. With the addition of the pre-press results in a increase of thorughput of the baler.


Oil Heater

Oil heaters prepare the oil and reduce wear in hydraulic systems The viscosity of the hydraulic fluid is a main parameter for the long lifetime of a hydraulic system


Oil Cooler

The cooler provide long-lasting oil durability therefore extending the hydraulic system life. It will also help minimise the potential for internal leaks, prolong lubricating qualities and maintain hydraulic efficiency.


Bulk Wire Feed System

Recommended for larger volume installation processing > 4tonnes per hour.


Bottle Perforator

A Bottle Perforator is an optional unit, whereby plastic bottles are punctured prior to baling, this is necessary to release air trapped in the bottles


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