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Multiple Material Controls

The Anis Trend baler range can be specified with a "Multiple Material" control system. The baler PLC program can store the machine settings for upto 20 different materail grades.

Each of the 20 material programs can be user named to ade a quick and accruate selection. All the parameters used last time that specific grade was process are automatically recalled and set with a touch of a button. 

Simply its like having a baler for every material, paramitters such as:-

  • Ram pressures, ram operating cycles, forward stroke positions
  • Pre-press, ruffler or bottle perforator operations
  • Squeeze setting and pressures
  • Material feed controls, filling levels, conveyor speeds and time delays
  • Hi throughput balers with multiply pumps can be configured to run more efficently on lower volumes

Operator has the option of selecting any of the pre-set programmes for automated operation or if required these setting can be adjusted and stored manually.

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