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Baler Optional Equipment

Each of our balers can be customised with to suit your application exactly, The various options can be bolted onto our standard range of balers and include items such as oil heater and oil coolers should ambient conditions dictate.

Vertical Tier options is avilable across the range, for locations where space is at a premium. Dependent on the material to be processed, Rufflers, Bottle Perforaters as well pre-press flap can be used to pre-process the waste in the baler hopper before baling.  

All these features and options are designed to ensure the finished bales are solid, heavy and consistant, allowing the best possible revenues to be generated.


Vertical Tie

Vertical tiers are recommended where space is limited,


Pre-Press Flaps

Unique Pre-press flaps, are designed to assist baling difficult or lightweight materials. With the addition of the pre-press results in a increase of thorughput of the baler.


ProSafe Safety Interlocks

At Autobaler, we would always recommend installation of Trapped Key Interlocks which provides an addtional level of safety and control. By using Trapped Key interlocks a safe method of operation must be followed to operate and maintain the baler.


Oil Cooler

The cooler provide long-lasting oil durability therefore extending the hydraulic system life. It will also help minimise the potential for internal leaks, prolong lubricating qualities and maintain hydraulic efficiency.


Oil Heater

Oil heaters prepare the oil and reduce wear in hydraulic systems The viscosity of the hydraulic fluid is a main parameter for the long lifetime of a hydraulic system


Bottle Perforator

A Bottle Perforator is an optional unit, whereby plastic bottles are punctured prior to baling, this is necessary to release air trapped in the bottles


Bulk Wire Feed System

Recommended for larger volume installation processing > 4tonnes per hour.


Sortation Conveyors

Bulk Loading hopper, varible speed sort / picking conveyor



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