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Refurbished ATS 110.75 Automatic Channel Baler

Refurbished ATS 110.75 Automatic Channel Baler



Refurbished ATS 110.75L 60Ton 22kw Automatic Channel Baler

Ideally suited to recycling companies, manufacturing plants, printers & convertors, warehouses and distribution, manufacturers of packaging,


         Bale Mill sized 1100 x 750 x variable lengthAutobaler ATS110.75 22kw Channel Baler

         Hopper opening 1300 x 700 mm.

         Motor size 22kw.

         4 wire Horizontal tie

         60Ton Ram force -hydraulic pressure 290 bar.

         45 kg wire holders

         Siemens PLC and Operator interface

         Parker-Denison Hydraulics

         Automatic start up and shut down by photocell

         Four way squeeze system

         Pivoted main cylinder

         Adjustable bale length

         Operating manual and drawings

         Prosafe key exchange interlocks (5points)


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