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Comet 2000 Glass Crusher

Comet 2000 Glass Crusher

Comet 2000


Fully Automatic Bottle Crusher, automatic start and Stop and Digital bin weight system. 

  • For Drinks bottles, glasses and other glass receptacles
  • Reduces bottles to crushed glass in seconds
  • Ideal for Pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, exhibition centres
  • Automatic” with chute feeding system for remote operation
  • Multiple bins can be used if colour segregation is needed
  • Safe and simple to operate. Incorporates ‘assisted bin discharge’ system
  • Throughput of up to 1.45 tonnes per hour
  • Fitted with standard 13 amp plug
  • Saves space and organises your waste bottle disposal

 They are compatible with a standard 120-360 ltr wheeled bin, ideal for easy disposal or recycling.

Crushed glass is now used in many products such as road surfacing, concrete and ceramics manufacture, filter and shot blasting material, as well as its traditional use,being recycled to make new bottles or glassware.



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