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P 600 Can Baler

P 600 Can Baler

P600 Can Baler


Anis Trend Can Balers provide a reliable and cost-effective solution, specifically designed for this purpose, with Autobalerís systems integration; we can deliver a custom designed project to your exact specifications.


The P-600 is automatically operated. The cycle is started by means of a photo switch in the hopper, if there is no material to be baled it is switched into stand-by position.

The front door is powered by two hydraulic cylinders, it is opened automatically in order to push the bale from the press chamber. A bale can be made by one or more cycles, depending upon the desired bale length. This machine can also be operated manually.

Feed hopper, designed to suit the particular application, whether bulk loaded or intergrated with Eddy Current / magnetic seperator.


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