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"As with any large distribution centre, minimal disturbance to the on-site operation is critical. It was the role of ECS to handle these projects from initial site survey to completion of installation and commissioning. We had to look at the infrastructure, where and how the material was being generated, and only then tailor the solution to fit the site, rather than altering the operation to suit the equipment. We closely coordinated the project with sites, sub-contractors and on site engineers to ensure smooth and speedy installations. I am confident that with the selection of ECS Ltd and the Anis Trend baler, the recycling systems will provide a robust long term solution".

Jeff Jones Director, ECS Ltd

In 2006, ECS Ltd was asked to assist in a project to look at the feasibility of improving the recycling methods for ‘Packaging Waste’ generated at the various distribution warehouses within the M&S network.

Working in conjunction with the various project stakeholders, ‘site operations’, ‘waste management’, and ‘facilities management’, a project plan was developed to improve the methods of recovery and the recycling of cardboard, polythene packaging wastes for each of the GMDC sites. Our proposal included a scope of works, equipment specifications, detailed AutoCAD layouts’, how the improvements would fit within the existing operations, and a roll-out plan for the implementation.

As part of the project we developed a ‘standard’ equipment layout for warehouse and distribution centres, which provided not only a compact installation but required minimal space from within the warehouse, also dedicated recycling area, this model was replicated throughout the other sites. In addition, acted as main contractor for the Turnkey project, with the installation of new Automatic baling presses, waste conveyors and other material handling equipment, but also civil engineering and portal frame building to house the new equipment, and the removal of obsolete equipment.

The first phase of the plan was rolled out at four distribution sites; our works had to be closely coordinated with the site operations to ensure that minimal disruption was caused during the installations, contingency plans were developed prior to the equipment being installed.

ECS Ltd, specified the ‘Anis Trend’ Automatic balers, having installed and maintained them for a number of years, we knew them to be well designed, robust and easy to operated, requiring minimal maintenance. The DC’s operated 24/7, 364 days a year, therefore any downtime could cause serious problems and blockages within the warehouse, potentially delaying the goods getting to store, “This could not happen”.

Having maintained a Anis Trend baling system at one for the DC’s for three year prior, it had proved not only that the equipment was up to the task but also our level of service was up to the standard required by Marks & Spencer.

In 2007, the second phase of the project commenced with an additional four DC’s being rolled out as per the previous four sites. At one site, we specified and installed a mezzanine floor around the baler to provide 40m2 of additional floor space.

In 2008, the last site was completed, this proved to be the most challenging of all. Our works included modifications to the existing waste conveyor systems, manufacture, and installation of waste drop chutes through 4 floors of mezzanines to transport the cardboard directly to the Anis Trend Automatic baler housed outside in the recycling area.

2009, our works continue with the installation of an Anis Trend baler for cardboard packaging. in addition to a baling systems for plastic films. 


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