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Document Destruction System:- 
Upgrade using an AXO 408e 8mm shredder and pnuematic air conveyor..

The system design consisted of an AXO 408e electric shredder shredding to 8mm, a bulk feed hopper and incline conveyor. Shredded paper discharged from the shredder is conveyed by a pneumatic air system to a cyclone above the paper storage bay. The use of the air system to convey shredded paper was necessary to ensure that the larger capacity destruction system did not impact on the other recycling processes at Cory Environmental facility in Truro.




Document Destruction System:- 
Upgrade using an AXO 832e shredder.

Our works was carried out on a TurnKey project basis, involving design, project planning and manufacture prior to the removal of the existing shredder, modifcation to the existing feed conveyor with the installation of the larger AXO 832e shredder.




Product destruction and material handling:-

Autobaler engineered the bespoke book destruction system with a feed hopper suitable for the use with the on site tipper skips and the bulk loading of books.

Anis Trend ATS Automatic Baler




Anis Trend Baler: Bale Tie Cycle:-

All Autobalers have the same fast Tie Cycle, designed to ensure the baler spend the most possible time actually producing bales.




Baler Controls:-   'Touchscreen Material Grade Selection'

Upto 20 different material grades are avilable for operator selection. Each material is pre-programmed (password protected), for ease of changeover of grades.

All parameters can be adjusted ram pressures, bale lenght, conveyor feed speeds and overrun times, and pre-compression cycles for plastic films etc are just some of the setting that ensure a good bale is made first time, and every time.




Refurbished Twin Shaft Shredder:- PAAL REWO 11-810                                                                                           

Awaiting Final Paint to suit your corporate colours.


Call for full details 01254 699200

PAAL REWO 11-810 Spec Sheet.



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